Jill Starr

Founder & CEO & Podcast Host

Hey Humans! Who am I?


Well.... That's a loaded question!

Crazy, beautiful, fun, empowered, but sometimes cynical, dark, intelligent, a little weird too but mostly I try to stay happy and spread my comical vibe. 

I love the outdoors. I crave sunshine, tattoos and making good memories. A good laugh and smile is contagious, so share it.


My sense of humor is so rotten, I often get myself in trouble. I don't mind. Because everyone needs to just lighten  THE F*CK up. 

You only get 1 shot at this, 1 body, and 1 mind, take care of them.


Life is too short to take WORDS too seriously. 
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Kayla Lynn

Podcast Co-Host

Interested in what makes me... me?

Okay! You asked for it!

    I am a fun-loving, free-spirited, crazy hippie girl from Joshua Tree California. I am a huge cannabis Advocate and have been in the business side of the industry for a very long time.

   I have many interests, from sacred geometry, tarot readings, to fire spinning, video games and so much more.

One thing I like to say about myself is; I'm like a jack of all trades and a master of fun!


Always remember we are the universe expressing itself in human form. So why not go out and Take Life by the Balls right? 

sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the craziest and coolest stories that I got for you.

Lisa Starr

Podcast Host

I'm Lisa... Bio's are over rated